The Story of Unbehagen Insurance

Before Unbehagen Insurance started, in 1992, Unbehagen Advisors opened its doors and has since become an award-winning tax and accounting firm specializing in small businesses – known as small business experts in their industry.

Since their beginning, the professionals at Unbehagen Advisors often had the conversation with small business owners and individuals about their current insurance agents.   Their clients had an overwhelming demand for excellent, experienced service, high-quality insurance carriers and many choices and markets from which to choose their insurance.  Their clients’ options seemed very limited, and many times they were being charged high premium prices, secondary to their ability to reach only limited markets for insurance coverage with their insurance agency.  Moreover, the many small businesses and individual clients of Unbehagen Advisors regularly communicated their concerns about lack of communication, lack of understanding of their small business, lack of follow-through and lack of available selection of insurance companies and markets.

The Unbehagen team knew that it should not be about “selling insurance”.  It should be about the value of rich intellectual capital that their small business and individual clients expected and deserved.  The mission of this new independent insurance agency would be to give the Unbehagen Advisors clients the same level of valuable professional expertise, communication and service that has driven the small business focused tax and accounting firm of Unbehagen Advisors to win multiple local and national awards.  As Unbehagen Advisors is of the top 1% largest small business and individual tax and accounting firms in the nation, in their Padgett Business Services network of accounting firms.

The management of Unbehagen Advisors looked and looked and they referred to many.  Finally, the management team of Unbehagen Advisors decided to take the initiative and create an excellent insurance agency.

So…the Unbehagen Advisors team listened to our valued clients, and Unbehagen Insurance was born!

In 2010, Todd Unbehagen, the CEO of Unbehagen Advisors, decided to do something about it and started the independent insurance agency, Unbehagen Insurance, Inc.

It wasn’t easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is!  The new company, Unbehagen Insurance, went through many challenges, changes and improvements to become what the small business and individual clients truly expected out of an insurance agency.  The team at Unbehagen Insurance simply continued to listen to our valued clients about what they wanted during this continuing improvement process.  Thankfully, those clients were patient, and after eight years they got what they were looking for!  With an exciting announcement our small business, commercial and personal lines clients now had a solution that they had demanded and deserved!

In the summer of 2018 we announced that our growing agency, Unbehagen Insurance, became affiliated with, and a division of, Wallace Welch & Willingham (W3), which is one of the largest independent insurance agencies in Florida and has been in business for almost 100 years, since 1925.

With over 100 professional insurance employees, Wallace Welch & Willingham (W3), headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL, gave Unbehagen Insurance just the boost it needed to truly exceed our insurance client’s expectations.  Unbehagen Insurance and our clients benefit from this affiliation with dedicated, experienced and committed Unbehagen Insurance agents working hand-in-hand with the Wallace Welch & Willingham (W3) team.  They also benefit due to an exclusive access to the same insurance markets of one of the largest independent insurance agencies in Florida.

 Unbehagen Insurance now brings all of this additional intellectual capital and value with our Wallace Welch and Willingham (W3) affiliation, along with Unbehagen management’s many years of rich small business focus and knowledge – TO SPECIALIZE IN SMALL BUSINESS AND PERSONAL LINES INSURANCE. 

We continue to come through with the original promise on which Unbehagen Insurance was founded — for small businesses and individuals — to provide excellent service and access to many high-quality insurance carriers in the commercial and personal lines areas of insurance.

Unbehagen Insurance possesses a wealth of intellectual capital within our large and experienced team, along with one of the largest insurance markets available – to benefit YOU!  So, simply contact an Unbehagen Insurance agent today and discover an insurance agency that is truly committed to your small business, commercial and personal insurance needs.